Handmade gemstone jewelry designed for the heart and soul. Looks that make you feel good while giving back.

Bright Lights
Bold bright colors to make any moment pop
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Warm hues
Deep tones to carry you through the day
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Giving Back

Supporting those in need

Saucey and Wubs Designs was born out of the desire to create wearable art while giving back to animal rescue. A portion of every sale is donated to an animal rescue.

whats new

must see movie

THE CAT RESCUERS is an amazing documentary exploring the lives of four cat rescuers in Brooklyn New York. It examines the challenges and rewards they face, caring for a population often forced to fend for themselves on the streets of New York. Available for rental or purchase on most streaming platforms. 

For more information, check out catrescuersfilm.com to learn about the rescuers and how to download the movie.


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Most events have been postponed due to COVID. Check back for events taking place later in the year, including the Grand Bazaar and popup events. 

Keeping it sustainable

 I am now using noissue packaging products. The tissue is recycled and the mailers are 100% compostable. If my goal is to support the animals, how can I support them while damaging their environment? I'd rather be part of the solution. Every little bit helps #fortheanimals