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Handmade gemstone jewelry designed for the woman who loves subtle displays of self-expression in designs that gratify the heart and soul. Looks that make you feel fabulous while giving back to animal rescue.

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Giving Back

Supporting those in need

Saucey and Wubs Designs was born out of the desire to create wearable art while giving back to animal rescue. A portion of every sale is donated to an animal rescue.

All Things Animals

The Cat Rescuers, the movie

THE CAT RESCUERS is an amazing documentary exploring the lives of four cat rescuers in Brooklyn New York. It examines the challenges and rewards they face, caring for a population often forced to fend for themselves on the streets of New York. Available for rental or purchase on most streaming platforms. 

For more information, check out to learn about the rescuers and how to download the movie.

Resource for cruelty free products

Cruelty Free Kitty is a online source for education on cruelty free products. They also provide a database of more than 800 cruelty free products. It's a valuable site to refer back to often as they are updating it on a regular basis. Check out:

Cat Daddies, the Movie

Explores the lives of nine men whose lives have been forever changed by their love of cats. This film follows the lives of a firefighter, a truck driver, a Hollywood stuntman, an ad executive turned cat rescuer, a police officer, a software engineer, an actor/Instagram influencer, a school teacher and an undocumented and disabled immigrant living on the streets of New York City. You'll laugh and cry throughout, feeling like your life has been meaningfully impacted by the end.