Saucey and Wubs Designs makes handmade gemstone jewelry for the woman who likes subtle displays of self expression that can be worn day or night.  The designs are dainty with splashes of color from natural gemstones and pearls. Materials consist of natural gemstones, some that are ethically sourced and some that are upcycled, and metals of sterling silver, gold fill and rose gold fill. I want the designs to be both high end and environmentally friendly. I believe in creating pieces that make the user feel comfortable and confident.

Saucey and Wubs Designs is born out of the desire to follow ones dreams. The name comes from the childhood nicknames I had for my niece and nephew, two of my greatest inspirations.

Having grown up in SOHO, in New York City, art has always been part of my life. I was fortunate to be the child of an extraordinary artist and ultimately went on to study it in high school and college, with a focus on sculpture. However, having always wanting to help others in some fashion my career took a turn towards healthcare. Over time my focus has moved toward a combination of the two. And so, Saucey and Wubs Designs was born.

The dream of Saucey and Wubs Designs is to combine art and beneficence. The goal is to create handmade minimalistic artistic jewelry pieces that give back. With each purchase, a portion of the sale will be donated to an animal rescue, ensuring that you not only look good but that you feel good too..

My designs are made from genuine gemstones with metal wiring. My designs are inspired by those who I interact with on a daily basis. I am so grateful you have stopped by my shop. I will be updating it on a regular basis. Follow me here or on Instagram for all the latest pieces and for information on those rescues being supported.

As a supporter of animals I believe it is my responsibility to be sustainable as well and not impact their environment. For this reason I use noissue shipping products which are certified as sustainable and support the environment. 


I am proud to be a member of the New York Handmade Collective, a collection of artisans living and working in New York City. NYHC fosters knowledge, skill, creation and community through mentorship, education workshops and in person events.