Cruelty Free Products

Cruelty Free Kitty is an online source for education on cruelty free products. It is an amazing database of more than 800 cruelty free products, put together by a woman who is extremely passionate about cruelty free product development. She does a thorough job of looking at both the products themselves as well as the company's that create them. She covers makeup and skin care, looking at a wide range of specialties. I personally refer to this site on a regular basis to be sure that each time I look into new products I am staying true to my personal belief that animals should not be abused for beauty.

The woman who created this site has also developed a monthly box that can be purchased either monthly or one at a time. It consists of full size cruelty free products and is extremely affordable. I myself have purchased the boxes on several occasions. 

Cruelty Free Kitty is a valuable site to refer back to often as she is regularly updating current products on the list and adding new ones. Check out: