The Cat Rescuers

THE CAT RESCUERS is an amazing documentary exploring the lives of four volunteer cat rescuers in Brooklyn New York. It examines the challenges and rewards they face, caring for a population often forced to fend for themselves on the streets of New York. The documentary does a fantastic job at not only showing the plight of homeless cats in Brooklyn New York, but also the sacrifices rescuers make to provide them food and safety. 

I had the privilege of seeing this film in theaters opening week. After the screening, the director had a conversation with the four rescuers highlighted in the film, exploring the challenges they face with a serious conversation on how to solve the problem of homelessness through practices like TNR. 

The movie is a hard watch as it deeply explores various cat colonies and the suffering many experience. But there are also moments of joy and humor that can't be missed. I loved this movie and fell in love with the rescuers. 

This film is currently available for rental or purchase on most streaming platforms.