Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace
Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace
Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace
Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace
Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace
Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace
Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace
Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace
Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace
Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace

Dainty Garnet Drop Necklace

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This delicate necklace is adorned with five garnet gemstones hanging from the chain, swaying gently with movement. Each garnet, deep and rich in color, is carefully chosen to highlight its natural beauty. The garnets catch the light, creating a subtle shine that enhances the wearer's neckline.

Garnet is known to sharpen one's perception of both self and others, opening the heart to new possibilities and removing inhibitions that may hinder personal growth. Its revitalizing energy purifies and balances the body's energy centers, fostering a sense of renewal and vitality. Garnet stands as a timeless symbol of passion and strength, offering a pathway to deeper connections and inner harmony.

Ideal for those who appreciate understated elegance, this dainty necklace is a perfect accessory for both everyday wear and special occasions alike, adding a touch of sophistication to any attire.

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January


Handcrafted in NYC: Handmade by me in the East Village.

As these are natural gemstones there may be subtle variations in color and shape.



  • Stone: garnet
  • Shape: drop
  • Material: sterling silver, gold fill or rose gold fill
  • Necklace length: 16" length with 2" extension (can be made in a custom size, please specify when ordering)
  • Closure type:spring ring
Adding to the charm of all necklaces, bracelets and chokers, gemstones are wire-wrapped to the clasp and extension, corresponding with the stone adorning the specific design. This thoughtful detail not only enhances the jewelry's aesthetic appeal but also provides a cohesive and elegant finish to the entire piece. It creates durability, ease of placement and subtle customization. One of my pet peeves has always been losing jewelry when the o-ring opens. It is for this reason every piece has a bead wrapped to the claps and extension, creating a long lasting piece of jewelry. 

Care Instructions:

To keep your jewelry looking its best, Saucey and Wubs Designs recommends wiping down all sterling silver, gold fill and rose gold fill with soapy water and then thoroughly dry with a polishing cloth. Avoid chemicals, such as lotions and perfumes, as they may interact with the metals. In addition, remove jewelry when exercising, swimming or showering. If you do wear your jewelry under such occasions, it is recommended you thoroughly clean them after as stated above.


Gemstone Distinctiveness:

All the gemstones used in Saucey and Wubs Designs are natural gemstones, unless otherwise stated. As such, they all present with subtle variations in color, shape and size with natural blemishes. This makes each piece unique.

Return Policy

As the designer and maker of all Saucey and Wubs Designs jewelry, I take great pride in fabricating each piece for you and hope you love them as much as I enjoyed making them.  


Free Returns within 30 Days, Except Custom:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, Saucey and Wubs Designs offers free returns within 30 days of receiving your item. The product must be within its original condition. Returns of custom designs is on a case by case basis. Contact customer service at sauceyandwubsdesigns@yahoo.com to initiate the return process.


Repair Services:

If your Saucey and Wubs Designs jewelry becomes damaged within the first 90 days due to defective product or material, repairs will be completed for free and you are responsible for the shipping cost to send the item to us. If over 90 days, the cost for repair will be determined based upon the reason for the damage. If customer responsibility, Saucey and Wubs Designs will repair your design at a nominal fee. Reach out to customer service at sauceyandwubsdesigns@yahoo.com to initiate the discussion.


Turnaround Time for Repairs:

Repairs can take up to 2 weeks after receipt of your design.


Thank you for choosing Saucey and Wubs Designs. Your business is overwhelmingly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at sauceyandwubsdesigns@yahoo.com